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Nearly 16 years in the analytical industry

Our mission is to advance our vision

B.A.T. Laboratories, LLC personnel are qualified, professional individuals. They are held professionally and personally liable for the validity of data collected, and analyses performed. Conflict of interest or misrepresentation of work performed by B.A.T. Laboratories, LLC employees are not acceptable. Personnel engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentations are subject to severe reprimands with loss of salary, immediate termination, and potential criminal prosecution, depending upon the circumstances.

We are a leader in analytical services, respected by industry and regulators. The company is dedicated to scientifically valid, legally defensible data generated in a timely manner that will be:

  • Innovative cost-effective solutions to client problems
  • Highly accurate, timely analytical services
  • Support by dedicated, experienced people and management
  • Safe and responsible operations

We are locally-owned and operated laboratory. All our staff members are friendly and knowledgeable, and are licensed and insured. All our products are economically priced, and we provide our services at competitive rates. We provide incentives for loyal and regular customers. We welcome and value our customer feedback.

Oklahoma Certification #8928


B.A.T. Laboratories, LLC maintains a professional relationship with clients, their consultants, and vendors. They provide B.A.T. Laboratories, LLC with sensitive information relating to their business and business practices. The laboratory and its personnel safeguard this information, and earn their respect and trust.

B.A.T. Laboratories, LLC employees do not discuss analytical results, business transactions, or any other company business with anyone who may not have a need to know, or direct involvement in the analytical service provided. Laboratory records, reports, and documents are not copied nor released without prior management approval. Laboratory personnel agree to explicit conditions set forth in confidentiality and proprietary information agreement at the time of initial employment. Copies of their review and signature of this information are retained in the employee’s permanent record.

B.A.T. Laboratories, LLC does not release information related to data, projects, or analytical services without consent of the client who submitted the samples, or who is fiscally responsible for the services provided. Prior to test results being submitted by telephone or electronic media, laboratory personnel verify the receiving party is entitled to the information, and that confidentiality is maintained.