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Committed to producing quality analytical data.

Committed to excellent quality assurance

B.A.T. Laboratories, LLC provides analytical and physical testing services based on proven scientific techniques. The company ensures credible and defensible information with extensive quality assurance management practices and appropriate analytical documentation.

B.A.T. Laboratories, LLC performs analytical testing work in Texas (NELAC# T104704346) (EPA# TX0092), Oklahoma (certification #8928), and New Mexico with data packages reviewed and accepted by the appropriate state regulators. Projects in alternate states requiring NELAC certification are available. B.A.T. Laboratories, LLC works with a series of strategic partners to accomplish these out-of-area projects. B.A.T. Laboratories, LLC takes full responsibility for the quality assurance of the data, allowing our clients a one-stop location for all their analytical service needs.


B.A.T. Laboratories, Inc. utilizes a comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to uniquely identify and track samples from sample receipt, to sample login, through interim storage, analyses, reporting, and final disposition. All sample information, processed results, quality control and invoicing information are recorded within the LIMS. In addition, the laboratory develops and maintains interactive spreadsheets used by the analysts for raw data entry, result calculation, and quality information validation.